Minor league of alt lit

There is a chance that maybe one or two people (this estimate is based on the average plays per day I get on sites like http://soundcloud.com/nwilliard which I would assume has a considerably higher following because I promote it much more) have been following this blog.  

If you have, then I apologize because I am taking a small break in form…which has been me posting answers to questions I find on the dating site okcupid.com.  

I do this because I noticed a tweet by user Beachsloth, which read “is social networking a sport?” 

A little background.  I have of late, been completely fascinated by the small but growing movement alt lit.  Before I go on, I must name the 5 (to me) most relevant people in alt lit.

Tao Lin (father of alt lit)

Megan Boyle (previous wife of tao lin and blogger)

Bebe Zeva (18 year old fashion prodigy with ties to tao lin) 

BeachSloth (blogger and probably the most respected reviewer of alt lit, he was mentioned in “fun yeah philosophy” ‘s blog response to Andrea Coates’ “throw the tao lin”  http://funyeahphilosophy.tumblr.com/post/18576092088/why-andrea-coates-doesnt-get-it-dichotomies .   I think his name is   Clancy Martin .) 

Andrea Coates (blogger http://www.andreacoateswritingjunk.com up and comer in the alt lit movement (which itself is an up and coming movement).  First blogger that I’ve come across that I would consider part of the alt lit movement, but with a style that is starkly different from tao lin’s.  This is duly noted because there have been many lamestreamers (assuming within my realm, alt lit is mainstream) blatently imitating the minimalist, autisticesque style of tao lin.) 

I came across this movement by stalking people I had known previously on facebook.  I went to high school with Megan Boyle.  We were in drama together.  We didn’t really hang out much outside of drama and class but I always thought she was a cool girl.  When I stumblecored across her facebook page, I noticed an excessive amount of links on her wall which took me to interviews of her.  I quickly realized that she was soon to be releasing a book of poetry titled, “SELECTED UNPUBLISHED BLOG POSTS OF A MEXICAN PANDA EXPRESS EMPLOYEE  .”

I thought it was neat that someone that I had known was receiving attention for publishing a poetry book.  This quite naturally lead to more facebook stalking which quite predictably lead me to tao lin.  

It is very hard to discern weather tao lin is an idiot savant or just an average writer with a remarkable knack for becoming famous (as I believe he will in time).  This gives him a mysterious quality.  However, one of his niches, is that he is excessively honest.  To the point where he has no filter between his subconscious and his typing fingers.  He has blogged explicitly of his sex life and drug use and has no qualm in twitting whatever nonsensical jargon comes to his mind at any given time.  This mysterious yet honest persona is the epitome of hipster irony.   His credibility as a writer can be attributed to his 9,397 followers on twitter (who I compare with my other D list celebrity obsession JD Samson who has 12,621 followers) his wikipedia page  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tao_Lin, and his 8 published books (novellas, poetry books, and richard yates).  

Megan Boyle is related to tao lin because somehow they got involved and decided to sporadically get married in Vegas.  I believe (but i’m not sure) that this is the same trip to Vegas in which they interviewed Bebe Zeva.  

The Bebe Zeva interview was for a documentary/film produced by http://www.mdmafilms.org/ which is a film company jointly started by Tao and Megan/Megan and Tao (to avoid gender stereotypes).  According to wiki Bebe Zeva  is: 

an American modelessayist,[1] fashion blogger[2] and writer[3][4] based in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was profiled by New York Times[5] and Seventeen Magazine[6] and Teen Vogue.[7]

But her real rise to prominence (at least in the alt world) was through her relationship with blogger Carles of http://www.hipsterrunoff.com/.  Hipsterrunoff (HRO) was to alt lit what John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry was to the the civil war… a precursor.  (HRO just recently, after posting an opinion peace on the web phenomena #KONY was hacked and there was fear that the site would be lost forever.  Happily tho, I just checked the url and the site was back up and running :).)  Bebe Zeva and Carles developed a weird (weird as in pedophilic weird) online relationship.  This relationship became somewhat publicized http://thoughtcatalog.com/2010/hipster-runoff-carles-bebe-zeva/ within the forming crowd of bloggers which would ultimately come to define the alt lit movement.  

I do not mention Carles in my top 5 most relevant (to me) people in alt lit because i have a sneaking suspicion (despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary http://nyulocal.com/entertainment/2009/04/22/tao-lin-chats-with-carles-of-hipster-runoff-world-explodes/) that tao lin and Carles are the same person.  Mysterious right?  This stems from the fact that it seems impossible to find a picture online of this person Carles and Tao Lin’s novel Richard Yates is a story that one could quite possibly conceive is an autobiographical account of his and Bebe Zeva’s weird online relationship (not really sexual tho, i don’t mean to implicate tao as a child molester).  Adding to the impressiveness of tao lin (assuming that tao and carles are the same person), the writing style of him and carles are worlds apart.  Carles being a much more identifiable human entity where tao writes as if he is some enigma void of a human soul.   

Beachsloth http://beachsloth.tumblr.com/ is a blogger who I think (quite similarly to me) became intrigued by the alt lit movement.  He is a decent writer in his own wright (I enjoyed this little number http://beachsloth.blogspot.com/2012/03/will-wishbone-appear-at-awp-this-year.html), although I’m still not sure if I would classify him as an alt writer or not.  I think more than that, he is one of the first respected reviewers of the movement.   I think he is Clancy Martin because on one of tao lin’s facebook threads (concerning this review of Richard Yates http://biggersplashes.blogspot.com/2012/02/tao-lin-richard-yates.html) facebook user beachsloth said, “Beach Sloth I am Clancy Martin and I don’t bowl.”

It’s weird how some casual facebook stalking lead me to an obsession with tao lin and this indy lit movement (which i don’t really find at all innovative…as a matter of fact I see tao lin as an east coast charles bukowski).  So much so that I was excited when beachsloth followed me back on twitter (unlike tao who is too good to follow more than 30 people at a time (a high following to follower ratio on twitter is a sign of blogosphere dominance).)  After forming a generally high opinion of beachsloth and his tastes I decided to explore some of the other blogs he had reviewed.  That is when I came across Andrea Coates.

I want to co-star with her in a psychedelic, plot driven, dominatrix porn.  She’s an energetic (almost manic) blogger, author, kinda film maker, who i see as an up and comer in the world of alt lit.  She came to prominence (and i use the term prominence loosely because at 102 twitter followers she only has 10 more followers than me, not to mention I have a better followers to following ratio) when Beach sloth reviewed a blog of hers http://andreacoates.blogspot.com/2011/12/blog-post.html titled “throw the tao lin.”  If nothing else, you have to admit it is a witty blog title.  Andrea, rejects the soothingly simplistic writing style of tao and supplements it with highly technical and erratic prose; Yet it still conforms to the indy, self-aware, “search to be relevant” attributes which embodyalt lit. 

Andrea is on par with tao as far as her arrogance, attention hunger and desire to be famous.  The above mentioned blog post of her’s was a direct challenge to tao lin.  A duel for the throne of alt lit. However it is a challenge that sadly will not be taken seriously.  At least not now…not while she still lives in Canada.  As of now she is only in the minor leagues of alt lit and who knows if she’ll ever get drafted? 

That brings me back to Beachsloth’s tweet, “is social networking a sport?”  If it is, then this present post is a game.  My sporting equipment is facebook, twitter, and tumblr.  If Andrea Coates is in the minor leagues, then I am trying out for my highschool team…and I have a reputation of being a drama nerd…a lamestreamer with no hopes to ever gain indy relevance. 

Fortunately for me, I know more than the majority of americans about battery technology and it is leading me to a phd in mechanical engineering…bro.